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Welcome to onplan

onplan design and drafting is a residential Building Design and Drafting company whose clients include both owners and builders. As Building Designers, onplan specializes in new houses, extensions and renovations, and various minor works. We do not have a preferred “look”, we prefer to adapt your thoughts and ideas onto paper, creating a unique home in floor plan and street appeal. Our design and drafting takes into consideration your requirements, the attributes of your site and surroundings. From this we are able to interpret your needs and come up with creative design ideas which remain practical and aesthetically appealing.

Although based on the Sunshine Coast, onplan are available in all regional areas at no extra cost.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the building industry, therefore an acute awareness of what constitutes quality plans. Our plans are drawn to include content and details most often missed by other residential design and drafting companies. We know how to build houses, and in turn, design with this knowledge. We provide plans so builders know each of their trades are well informed, and in the case of concreters, plumbers, carpenters and roofers, are all following specific set outs for their work. If there is a trade involved in the project which requires specific set outs, such as the tiler or the cabinetmaker, we can also provide this specific detail.

We use Revit 3D Software exclusively, which allows for the most dynamic presentation of concepts and preliminaries giving the client the opportunity for considered changes throughout the design process and a total understanding of the actual design as it evolves.

We can also offer addition assistance in developing a specification (rates apply). Along with the plans and structural engineering plans, a specification is the document which describes every particular item and/or the quantities required, or even the pc or ps sum to allow. Prime cost (pc) items are fixtures and fittings that the owner is to select after the contract is signed, and provisional sum (ps) items are work included in the quote, which the builder cannot give an exact price for. Both pc and ps items shall have an allowance stated. A specification is essential when tendering out the new house or extension and renovation to several builders so as the quotes are able to be regarded as “apples for apples”.

Who is onplan?

Paul Currie - Builder - Building Designer 

Paul has been in the building industry for 20 years and has designed half of the total of new homes and extensions he has undertaken in this time. Paul is your point of contact for initial consultation and residential design work.

Ian Mckinven - Bricklayer - Building Designer/Draftsman 

With over 23 years of practical experience in the building industry, Ian is responsible for all aspects of the drafting of each project. Having finished a Diploma of Building Design and Technology in 2005 and worked fulltime in a local drafting firm as Head Designer, Ian has handled a vast array of projects both locally and interstate